Organising Concerts

We are happy to organise concerts for very talented artists. If you have a good voice, very talented and think you are known enough to perform live music, please contact us we are happy to help you.

Personal Management Services

If you are living in a country where the copyrights not only is respected but also legally implemented and already is ruling. And if you have a good voice, very talented and thinking of making a contract deal, it is very important that you have a team of professional people around you. One of this team members and the most important one is a Personal Manager. A person who helps you through your music carrier. A good Personal Manager is someone who helps you with choosing right music producer, right record company, right contract, choosing right songs and much more for you. We may be able to advise you in how to find a good Personal Manager.

Getting money from the online stores

You create a PayPal account and using this account to get your money from the online stores. If you have difficulties to create a such account we would help you to create and manage such account.